Bishop Percys House Bridgnorth

Bishop Percy's House Bridgnorth

Bishop Percy's House, originally known as 'Forster's Folly', is a historic building located at 52 Cartway Bridgnorth.

It was built in 1580 by Richard Forster and has been a Grade 1 listed building since 18th July 1949. It was one of the few properties of its type to survive the great fire of Bridgnorth in April 1646, and was the birth place of Thomas Percy, the Bishop of Dromore and author of ‘Reliques of Ancient English Poetry’.
The site has history stemming back to medieval times and the building itself is built around a medieval building that was very possibly a defensive tower.
Over the years it has been home to many people including the Bridgnorth Boys Club from the 1940's until 2003, since then has been unoccupied.
Please note this historic building is not open to the public.
The author of this web site has had the rare opportunity to have access to the property in 2010/2011 and his interest and research led to the creation of this site. Should you have any amendments or information that can be added to this site we would love to hear from you. email:
The author wishes to credit C Gwilt, M King and C Phillotts for much of the history and information related in this site, M Harris for suffering my never ending questions on the architecture of building and to the staff at Bridgnorth Library for their knowledge and guidance. Also to S Golding for achieving the impossible and getting us the keys to the property, and of course J Rowley for giving us permission to access the house.
"Except The Lord Bvild The Howse. The Labourers There Of Prevail Not. Erected by R For* 1580"